Complete HR service

* Managing HR documentation (inc. Managing HR software Persona V3 or Cake HR)

* Organising employee training (inc. internal training and assessing the need for training)

* Recruitment consultations (inc. Database searches or full searches involving a recruitment company)

* Organising and preparing one to ones

* Payroll


* HR documentation pre-audit

* HR documentation intensive audit with bringing all necessary documents up to date

Health & safety organisation and documentation audit inc. Creating and updating work environment documentation

Business training development service

We will assess the need for training, suggest different plans, put together a training matrix, find suitable training plans, create a training calendar and budget.

Finding employment- who and where am I as a person?

During our one-hour long consultation we will identify the candidate’s key characteristics with his/hers positive and negative traits and skills. We will map out their possible areas of employment and their expectations of their future employer.

Client feedback: "I did not know what to expect from the meeting, but by the end of it I had a better understanding of myself and the jobs available to me. Thank you for the opportunity!" E.U.

To book a time , please send e-mail to

Price for the consultation 30€

Document templates

You can order document templates from us that are constantly updated and oblige by all legal regulations and HR rules.


You can order your monthly employee payroll from us.